Saturday, July 14, 2007

A new blog is born!

Welcome! I have a lot of ideas for what I'd like to do with this blog and I hope you'll enjoy watching it progress. I am pretty new to stamping and I love visiting other stampers' blogs, so I hope you'll drop me a link so I can come see you.

Below are some pictures of the space in my home I want to use for stamping and hosting workshops. Normally, I would never want ANYONE to see this disaster next door (we own a duplex with a connecting, inside door) but I want to keep a photo record of the progress I make. Maybe it will remind me to keep working on it too!

Mostly, I hope that current and future customers will use this site to keep track of what I'm doing, to get some new ideas, and to keep in touch! However, I love for anyone who's interested to stop by, comment, make suggestions, or whatever! Please feel free to share this site with your stamping friends.

I do plan to get into scrap booking soon, so if that's your bag, hang in there! Thanks for coming by!


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CurrieRoadJLCurrie said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I have only been doing it since the first of July, but I really love it. It has made me create instead of copy! Here is my blog address, hope you'll come take a look, Laura