Sunday, July 29, 2007


Out of the last 12 hours, I spent 11 of them painting! I feel like I'm going to drop over! BUT...looking at that room...I feel really, really good! I keep looking around at the pretty walls picturing the handstamped clock I'm going to put on the wall, and all the other neat things I'm going to stamp to decorate! It will be sooooo worth it! I think I burned and scrubbed a layer of skin off in the shower, though.

Here are four shots of the kitchen. Remember, I still have the dining room to do, and all this (plus the normal cleaning, preparing, and decorating) by Sunday the 5th. AM I NUTS?? Probably, but if I don't give my self a ridiculous deadline, I never get anything done. Anyway, to the pictures!!!!

And yes, after all that, I forgot to give the window trim at least one coat. Guess I'll start with that tomorrow, move into the other room, then come back to do the second coat. Tell ya what. When we go to sell this house someday, I am NOT, I repeat emphatically, NOT going to be the one to paint ANYTHING!!!! Sorry, just had to get that out.

Oh, and just so this entry can have something to do with actually stamping cards...I spent a few hours with Susan, my Upline in Stampin' Up! yesterday and we made six great cards! I'll put them in my gallery tomorrow, if I take a break. I'm starting to finally unwind now, and I'm getting sleepy...zzzzzzz.....

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