Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just about done!

Well, as you can see from the pictures, I'm just about done with my Stampin' Studio! I'm very excited, and I had my first real workshop on August 5th, before I left for vacation. It went very well! I did a "Mystery Hostess" and had good enough sales to have one person win the Hostess gift, and another person win $20 in merchandise. I'd love to do these once each month, along with other kinds of workshops.

This is a cute little corner rack my sister had in her basement. I took it. ^_^

I thought this was a neat way to display current samples. The clothespins are tied to the string so they don't slide. I can just change my samples as I need!

More samples on string. I suppose a vertical string would work too, but I wanted to fill up space.

I needed to fill up another section of wall, but didn't want to hang more card samples. So, I dug out pics from last summer and made my very first ever Scrap Book page! I never made one before so this is very simple. I love it though!

I decided to try stamping a small section of wall. I think the colored StazOn or the craft ink would work better. Since I didn't have them, I used the Classic Ink. Where it was extra juicey, it ran just a tad, but I'm still happy with it!

I was able to seat 10 people here with the two tables. That's a shoe bag in the back on the closet door. I keep my punches in there. I LOVE PUNCHES! And, yes, that pitiful bunch of stamp sets on the top of the black rack is all I have at this point. :( But I will have more! Oh, yes! I will have more!

Hubby ran out and bought me a new air conditioner for my room. Ain't he sweet?

The connecting room is still a mess. I plan to expand into there for bigger workshops, but for now I just put a curtain in the doorway to hide it. That also keeps the poor air conditioner from blowing up!

I managed to hide the hook-ups for the washer and dryer for now, but I plan to put in some kind of counter where they'll be permanently hidden.

Well, that's the tour! Hope you like it and found some ideas you can CASE. I plan for my next blog entry to be more about actually STAMPIN'! *lol*